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initial design consultation

Every project begins with a one-on-one consultation.

Ideal for the client who is ready to update, remodel, renovate or begin a new build, so you can move forward with valuable insight & confidence.


During our 60 - 90 minute consult, we will discuss timelines, scope, your wish list, project management...


We will also discuss initial ideas of materials, colors, furnishings + decorating ideas.

Action Steps: a follow-up memo that outlines scope of work and a design-fee proposal, will be delivered in 72 hours, for you to complete on your own or we can complete the project together.


on call

Consultation as needed...

If you are looking to simplify the design-build, renovate or update your room (s) Designer On Call is a great option.


Clients that have contractor or trade professional

relationships but still wanting the benefits of having design assistance like this option.

Blocks of 15 hour design time can be used when it's most beneficial to you and your team, as needed. 



From the Initial Meeting to the final walk-through

you will be guided during the selection of lighting, tile, plumbing fixtures, appliances, colors, wall coverings, furnishings... 


However small, medium or large your project is, you can have confidence that your budget is well spent and the selections for your project 

consistently match your style.

Some clients have trade professionals, they prefer

to work with. No problem.


Let's add them to the mix of the trade professionals on my team for a great Full Service experience!




Together, let's enhance your overall client design-renovate-build experience.


Clients depend on so many parts of the TEAM, to help them choose finishes, fixtures, come up with design ideas and shop trade and local retailers.

I will work with your client and your TEAM, in close proximity with your vision.


Helping to narrow down selections, creating specifications lists and manage client expectations

with the same level of care and detail as you do. 

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