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The heart of the home will forever be the kitchen and keeping room. The cost to update a kitchen varies based on so many factors. At first thought, many homeowners believe they need to remove old cabinets and replace with all new cabinets. Changing just the doors, applying fresh paint and changing hardware is the first step to updating your space. A good cabinet painter can fill the hardware holes so that new pulls and handles can be installed. Adding polished nickel and gold to your decor is a quick way to add glam. If the counters are going to stay, another cost saving idea is to tile over an existing backsplash. Updating lighting and adding sconces improves ambiance, followed by fresh wall paint. Don't be afraid of wallpaper. It adds texture and warmth. Taking fresh botanicals from the outdoors will pull in color at no cost.  

Projects seem never ending for some clients. My best advice is start with wall color. Paint is the quickest way to update a room. Look around your home and remove old accessories. Declutter and say good-bye to faux plants. Wall art can be rearranged like furniture. Take the art you love and find a new space in a new room for a change in mood. Install a chandelier where the ceiling fan hangs. Mirrors are your friend. If they can reflect the outdoors, you will add color to a lifeless wall. Mirrors that reflect a chandelier or other room lighting will create glow. Flameless candles are helpful in addition to the real flicker of a simple votive placed on a mirrored tray.   



The Master Bath! Don't forget the accessories in this space. Containers with salts, sponges, rolled up washcloths in a basket make this space personal. A simple fern setting on the bench brings in nature that compliments water so well. Float flowers from your garden in the water to create a peaceful space.

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