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As a little girl, I would visit my dad at our family-owned printing company. Skids of colorful paper and Pantone books were always fascinating to me.


In college, I managed the advertising department for the university newspaper. From selling the ads to creating the layouts, I was a one-person team. It was my first time working on an apple computer, using clip art and line tape.


After college, I transitioned to the world of advertising and dove a little deeper into the creative process. Starting with a concept and watching it grow into an ad or brochure was the foundation of my design world.


I later left advertising to join my dad back at the printing company and oversaw sales, production and the development of our printed products.


During that transition, I married, had children and remodeled our first home in Michigan. The five of us lived in one large bedroom as the builders took our house down to the studs. That was my first home project and I was instantly drawn to removing the old and outdated and replacing it with the new and updated.


I am in love with neutrals and white is my go to color. Like the Pantone book, I would fan through as a little girl, I always add a touch of “colorful” to my projects. From Kitchen and Bath makeovers to new builds, I love to select finishes and fill spaces.

Kim Swiacki

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